Welcome to San Antonio with Mayor Ivy Taylor 2016

Here’s the brand new version of the Welcome to San Antonio video! This is shown to the more than 8 million peeps that pass by San Antonio International Airport every year! Yikes! That’s a lot of peeps!

A TON of work went into the post-production and production in getting all the different and cool shots all over town. From all the different events and places, it’s a lot of fun revisiting and updating a video that has a massive impact to the City of San Antonio. One key member of the Mayor’s team said it was a “Masterpiece”.

What we try and do, is bottle the tremendous energy of San Antonio into one video that’ll inspire people to really visit these super cool places and events and have a great outlook on what San Antonio really means.

Much thanks to the Aviation Department and the Mayor’s Office in trusting us. Special thanks to Bobby Salluce and Cat Velez for organizing everything.



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