The Most Useful and Unlikely Mac Apps for the Video Editor (or creatives in general)

Computers make life waaaay more easy, but the apps are what makes it happen. Here’s a list of the apps that are an absolute MUST (for making my life easy).
*NOTE: I’ve excluded the very obvious ones like gmail, dropbox, avid media composer, adobe software (photoshop, after effects, premiere), etc.

Most useful & unlikely mac apps:

  • Ulysses: Great for writing and organizing notes and great for writing screenplays) 
  • Timing: Measures your time spent on each app or website 
  • Hazel: Automatically copies my SD cards to my hard drives without pressing a button 
  • Carbon Copy Cloner: Makes a one-to-one backup copy of my external hard drive. Has saved my butt several times! 
  • atext: Was cheaper than textexpander, but it’s a great text expander tool
  • Better touch tool: For making custom gestures for your apple trackpad
  • Logitech G600: It’s a mouse with a bunch of buttons that you can program for EACH app. Great for video editing, photoshop or for any app that uses shortcuts. It saves me a LOT of time.
  • Courier: For quickly uploading to Vimeo or Youtube. Unfortunately it is no longer being supported, but if you know of a similar app, please let me know.
  • Spark: Makes quick keyboard shortcuts
  • RenameIt: For quick renaming of multiple files
  • Soulver: Best calculator in the world!

Honorable mentions:

Defunct software and its replacement:

  • TotalFinder: Used it mainly for CUT and PASTE (in Finder) // Replacement: No need for any software: Just COMMAND+C, Then OPTION+COMMAND+V (this will cut and paste the file).

If you have any apps that you find extremely useful, please share it with us!